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Welcome to The Chubby Challenge, I’m Neil Thompson the founder and creator of the site. You can see my profile here.

As you will see from my profile picture, I was young and slim once. These days I’m not as close to 18 as I used to be and neither am I close to the weight I was then.

Like many I need to shed a few pounds but struggle to do so on my own. I have found that the one time I have been able to lose weight was when I was in competition with others over a fixed period and this is exactly what The Chubby Challenge is about. It is not a dieting site – there’s no points for eating cabbage here!

The way it works is that, after registering, you create a challenge to which you invite as many people as you like. The best way is to find a group of like minded people that all have the goal of losing some weight – perhaps it could be bridesmaids shedding a few pounds prior to a wedding or maybe you want to lose some weight ready for your holidays or maybe you just want to shape up with some colleagues. Whatever the reason The Chubby Challenge can help you do so.

After the people you have invited to join you on the challenge have accepted the challenge begins. A challenge must last at least four weeks to ensure that you have enough time to be able to see some difference in your weight. As you regularly record your weight you will see how you are progressing and your position in the challenge will be displayed.

In order to make it fair it is not the amount of weight that you lose that is important but the percentage lost – this means that everyone has the same chance of winning. Also you are the only person that will see your actual weight. Everyone else just sees your percentage change.

Just to make things a little more interesting you can gain coins for achieving certain goals and lose coins for missing targets!

I hope that you find The Chubby Challenge as useful as I have and please encourage your family and friends to join up to see what you can all lose.

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