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Recipe for successOver the next few posts I will be sharing what works and what doesn’t work for me as I try and shed a few pounds. I hope that you will find it interesting to see what I do but freely admit that what what works for me may well not be of any use to you.

So if you read the posts and think that’s a load of rubbish then that’s fine but make sure that you post what DOES work for you in the comments as that might be useful to others.

However, there is one irrefutable fact and that is to lose weight you have to follow this simple formula:

                     less food + more exercise = weight loss

If only it was as easy to do as it is to type!

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The Hairy Dieters BookFor me one of the hardest parts about dieting is that I quickly get bored with the limited range of foods that I seem to be allowed to eat. There is only so much broccoli a man can stand! This quickly means that I look forward to meal times less and less and am more likely to suggest that we don’t cook and go out for a meal, which is a disaster for the diet.

Fortunately help is at hand with a couple of really great cook books I have found that have some exciting recipes that I don’t tire of.

The first is the recent tie-in with the BBC TV series, The Hairy Dieters: How to Love Food and Lose Weight, which takes what seems to be a pretty unique view to cooking while on a diet. The book actively seeks out recipes for meals that you might not believe that you could have on a dirt – sweet and sour chicken, for example, which appears in the Fake-aways section. The book is packed with recipes that on the face of it you would think really have no place on a diet but each one is carefully calorie counted and, I can confirm, really tasty. I have found it quite fun to flick through the book picking out things that I would look forward to eating. Some of the recipes are also on the BBC Good Food website.

How do they achieve this minor miracle? Well by reducing the amount of meat that is in a dish and compensating with more vegetables, which is probably no bad thing. Also the portion sizes are adequate but certainly less than I would have had previously, the very reason that I need to lose weight no doubt. Also be prepared to stock up on new herbs and spices are plenty are used to add flavour to the dishes.

One final word of warning on this book. Often the instructions are for four or even six servings. If you are cooking for less than the number of people the meal is shown for make sure you don’t eat more that your suggested serving. What we do is make the full amount and then freeze what if left for another day.

Just a quick mention for an old favourite of ours, Rosemary Conley’s Step By Step Low Fat Cookbook. This remains part of our armoury of places we look for tasty and interesting recipes that are low calorie.

Like many I start off a diet with good intensions but quickly tire of what seems a limited range of bland food options. Using recipes from the books above I have managed to sustain my interest in the diet and has rekindled my love of cooking too.

Have you got any recommendations for books or recipes that others might like to spice up their diet meals? If so leave them in the comments below.

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We have updated the site today with an often requested feature: to show a trend line on the weight graph.

Now, if you have recorded more than five weights, then you will see a red line on the graph showing your direction of travel. We have also added a small legend in the top left corner as a reminder to what each line means. Hopefully this trend line will give you an instant overview of how well you are doing and the line will be going down rather than flat or upwards!

We are currently working on a number of new features that we want to bring to The Chubby Challenge but if there is anything you would like us to consider then please add it to our support site where others can see it and comment too.

The link is

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