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Celery StickSomething that has fascinated me for quite a while is how the number of calories in an item is in no way related to the size of the object. It is all too easy to pick up a sweet thinking “oh! that’s only small so it won’t have that many calories in it” when in fact it is packed with them.

Now the wiseGEEK blog has shown just what 200 calories actually gets you for about 50 common food items, including celery, donuts, eggs and Werther’s Originals.

It is a great reminder of just how much and how little you get of some common items and is really useful for reminding the dieter that size is important and thinking that by having something small it won’t have an effect. These pictures show that it certainly could.

Link: What Does 200 Calories Look Like?

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BreadWhen reading an article today on the benefits or otherwise of butter vs margarine I was struck by just how difficult it is to keep up with the latest recommendations on just exactly what you should be eating. Worse still some of the advice is downright confusing and conflicting.

Today’s report is a case in point. We have previously been told that eating margarine is better for you than butter as one contains “good fats” and the other “bad fats” and many will have taken that advice and adjusted their diet accordingly. However, that now may not be the case and you might have been better sticking to butter.

The issue is that the body is such a complex thing and different people respond in different ways to the same inputs. Clinical trials are such blunt instruments that either don’t cover enough people or aren’t properly conducted – read Ben Goldacre’s excellent Bad Science blog for more on that. What’s more it is always possible to find someone that is willing to take the opposing view and to sound plausible.

If you are looking for an answer I’m sorry I don’t have one other than to say know your own body and eat sensibly.

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