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201307188_160703-CapturFilesSo it has been a while since I’ve posted but we have been busy in the background and I wanted to let you know about a change that we have added.

When you now go to your home page, just below the graph, you will see a button called “More stats”. When you click this you will be taken to a new page showing a graph and the raw weight data below it. From here you can select your own date range and update the graph to show only this period, allowing you to track your weight over a much longer (or shorter) period.

When you change the date range the table of data below will also be updated with the relevant results for this range and below this table is a button called “Download Data”. When you click this it a file will be downloaded with the data for the current date range which you can open in your favourite spreadsheet tool, such as Excel.

Hop you enjoy the new feature!


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