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Very clever…

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The Christmas BlowoutI am finally back to the weight I was just before Christmas. It was tough getting back down there but I am glad that I have made it.

Why has it taken so long? Well one reason could well be that the British Christmas dinner has been ranked as the unhealthiest in Europe and consists of about 7,000 calories. If it was just the Xmas day food it might not be too bad but the stuffing (pun intended) seems to go on forever making it worse.

Also given that the weather post Christmas is cold, wet and generally miserable there is much less incentive to get out and do some exercise. However, over the last couple of weeks the temperature has risen and I have been able to get back on the bike and start some serious training again which has really helped me get the weight off.

There is also a reason to be getting some more training on the bike and not just to shift the weight. For some unfathomable reason I have signed on to do the 2014 Newbury Magnificat. While I am only doing the short route of 44 miles it will still be the furthest I have cycled in one go.

I am hoping that over the summer I can get a few miles in on the bike and that will help me get the weight down and reach my target weight for 2014.

What are you doing to help you reach your weight goals?

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