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Before starting out on C25K I first needed to work out a suitable route but just how far is 5k? Well for those not on the metric system 5k equates to 3.107 miles which I at least could visualise.

What I needed was a route that started and finished at home so was either circular or was a “there and back” affair and wasn’t longer than 5k.

In the end I turned online to the excellent site Mapometer which allows you to plot routes on a map for running, walking or cycling. It has great features such as “snap to road” allowing you to easily plot a route along roads and footpaths and “out and back” which allows for routes where you return by the same route your went out by to be plotted. As you add to your route you can see the total distance covered. You can the adjust the route to get it to the magical 5k as possible.

I quickly found a route that looked feasible and would, for the most part, also be flat. Job done you would think but no. The podcasts are based on time so you run for x seconds and then walk to recover for x seconds. This means because people go at different speeds they cover different distances. So although 5k is just over three miles I actually cover only just over 2.5. Depending on your speed your mileage may vary, as they say.

The point is don’t plan a 5k route expecting to cover it all, you probably won’t in the early weeks at least.

My second week wasn’t as hard as I expected it to be but I am struggling to motivate myself to get out of bed, especially when it is cold and windy. It will be interesting to see if the better weather helps.

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January is a time for New Years resolutions and like so many others I resolved to lose weight and get fit.
I’m not into team sports or paying for my equipment so that basically leaves walking, cycling and running. I already do the first two to a greater or lesser degree so that only leaves running.
It has been 20 years since I last attempted any sort of running competing in a few 10k runs, albeit slowly. Since then I have got more out of shape – if I was even in shape in the first place!
To remedy this I decided I need to work up to a full blown run and the coach to 5K (hereafter c25k) programme is designed to do just that.
C25k is a nine week programme that takes the inactive (or coach potatoes if you prefer) from a position of no running to completing 5K (just over three miles). It makes no assumptions about your level of initial fitness and claims to be suitable for all.
I took solace in the fact that c25k is supported by the NHS in the UK to the extent that they provide a number of resources to support those that want to take the programme – more on that in a subsequent week.
So last week was my first week on the programme and I can honestly say that it actually wasn’t as bad I as expected it to be. My initial problem was the cold – I was out at 7am and I wasn’t sure what would be appropriate. By the end of the first week I had supplemented by kit with a thin hat and gloves too as the temperature dropped below zero.
Check back next week to see if I made it to week two 😉
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