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In keeping with our plan to rapidly improve the site we have rolled out a number of fixes today, one of which could potentially be very significant.

Previously when entering a weight you could, within certain limits, put anything you wanted allowing you to show great fluctuations in your weight day on day, which was pretty unrealistic.

So we have today implemented some checks and balances. This has been done for two reasons:

– firstly it stops the unscrupulous from sticking in unreasonable weights simply to win a challenge (that’s not you though, right!?).

– Secondly, it is simply not healthy to be losing (or gaining) too much weight over short periods.

Health professionals recommend a loss of about 1/2 to 2 pounds a week. You may lose more initially but this should quickly level out. The site now takes that into account by giving you an allowance that you can lose or gain a day. This is based on a number of factors and will be different for each individual.

If you are on a normal diet regime you shouldn’t notice any difference but there may be a few exceptional cases where you are prevented from updating your weight even though the change is legitimate. If that happens to you please then send us a message and we’ll work something out.

As ever we welcome your feedback on both this change and the site in general so please leave us a comment below.


– change to the font used to aid readability.

– checks for sensible weight changes per day

Bug Fixes:

– user accounts that are closed or suspended are now excluded from challenges and won’t appear in the results.

– weight change percentages are now displaying correctly.

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