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Sized 10 JeansAfter watching a Horizon program on TV last year, I decided to give the 2/5 or famine diet as I call it, a trial. Its title refers to the calorie intake on different days of the week: two days are for restricted calorie intake- 400-500 and five days for eating pretty much what you want.

I found the programme and concepts intriguing and being persuaded by the science, decided to have a shot myself.

Initially I was sceptical about the proposed weight loss benefits as I’ve always had what could be called a healthy appetite to some and an obsession with food to others. Would I really not eat myself silly on the free rein days? However what really got my gastric juices flowing were the medical benefits assigned to the regime particularly the cancer risk reduction.

So, size ten jeans close to hand, I started the diet in September 2011 and have successfully followed it bar two weeks festivity slippage.

It took a little getting used to as I found my ‘famine days’ became early bed days due to the incredible lack of energy which overtook me by late afternoon. I have made allowances for this over time and in fact the early bed twice a week has led to an improvement in my sleep patterns- nothing else ever did.

My starting weight was 68kg and I am currently 64kg even with the Christmas gluttony.

I exercise regularly- three times a week which includes a half an hour run on both famine days- possibly a reason for the tiredness late afternoon. On the days of no calorie restriction I tend to be conscious of what I am eating in the week but if I get hungry I do not abstain whereas the weekends tend to be a free for all. I am now at the top end of normal weight for my height and body type so I am intrigued to see where my weight will stabilise.

The diet has so far been easy to stick to. To me it makes sense to adopt a diet which mimics the eating patterns our bodies had evolved to follow. I know that certain body types are pre programmed to lay on fat in times of plenty, ready for when food supplies are more scarce. I know I am one of these.

The only annoying part is I do not know what health benefits the diet has brought but guess I will one day and there is always the pair of size 10 jeans still waiting for me in my drawer!

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