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Screenshot_19_01_2014_17_36It’s been a while but we are finally able to reveal a new feature to you all. If you record your weight in Fitbit, either manually or through one of their awesome wifi connected scales you can have those weights automatically sent your Chubby Challenge account!

To connect your Fitbit and Chubby Challenge accounts login to The Chubby Challenge and click the “My Account” link at the top right of the page. On your account page you will now see a new section call “Apps”. Click the “Click here to link your Fitbit account” and you will be taken to the Fitbit site where you will be asked to authorise the connection. Click the Allow button and that’s it – no more having to remember to update your weight it will happen every night automatically. And don’t worry we never see your Fitbit username and password and we cannot make any changes to your account. To unlink your accounts just go back to the My Account page and click the link again.

The same rules apply as to when you manually enter your eight now so you can only enter one weight a day so if you have done so manually then the Fitbit weight will be ignored.

So go on and link your accounts and get your weight automatically updated.

Are there any other integrations that you would like us to add? Let us know in the comments.


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20130382_160389-CapturFilesA really minor update to the site today but one that should make a lot of people happy – you can finally edit your last entered weight. So now if you make a mistake when entering your latest weight you can simply go back and correct it, hurrah! Look for the “Edit Your Weight” button just below the graph.

There is one cavet to the edit your weight feature in that the option is only there until the next day when the button will revert to “Record Your Weight”.

We have also made a second change that should make recording your weight easier too. Now when you record a new weight your previous weight is pre-filled for you so you only have to make a change or if there has been no change simply just click the save button.


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In keeping with our plan to rapidly improve the site we have rolled out a number of fixes today, one of which could potentially be very significant.

Previously when entering a weight you could, within certain limits, put anything you wanted allowing you to show great fluctuations in your weight day on day, which was pretty unrealistic.

So we have today implemented some checks and balances. This has been done for two reasons:

– firstly it stops the unscrupulous from sticking in unreasonable weights simply to win a challenge (that’s not you though, right!?).

– Secondly, it is simply not healthy to be losing (or gaining) too much weight over short periods.

Health professionals recommend a loss of about 1/2 to 2 pounds a week. You may lose more initially but this should quickly level out. The site now takes that into account by giving you an allowance that you can lose or gain a day. This is based on a number of factors and will be different for each individual.

If you are on a normal diet regime you shouldn’t notice any difference but there may be a few exceptional cases where you are prevented from updating your weight even though the change is legitimate. If that happens to you please then send us a message and we’ll work something out.

As ever we welcome your feedback on both this change and the site in general so please leave us a comment below.


– change to the font used to aid readability.

– checks for sensible weight changes per day

Bug Fixes:

– user accounts that are closed or suspended are now excluded from challenges and won’t appear in the results.

– weight change percentages are now displaying correctly.

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We have updated the site today with an often requested feature: to show a trend line on the weight graph.

Now, if you have recorded more than five weights, then you will see a red line on the graph showing your direction of travel. We have also added a small legend in the top left corner as a reminder to what each line means. Hopefully this trend line will give you an instant overview of how well you are doing and the line will be going down rather than flat or upwards!

We are currently working on a number of new features that we want to bring to The Chubby Challenge but if there is anything you would like us to consider then please add it to our support site where others can see it and comment too.

The link is http://support.thechubbychallenge.com/

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A minor but important update this weekend with a change to the graph shown on your home page.

Previously, regardless of what units you had chosen to record your weight in, the graph was shown in kilograms. Now if you have chosen kilograms the graph will be shown in kilograms and if you have chosen stone and pounds or pounds then the graph will be shown in pounds.

So that raises the obvious question. Why can’t I see the graph in stone and pounds if that is what I selected as my unit choice? Well simply put it is difficult to do. Think back to your school maths lessons when you where drawing graphs you could only do so if you were plotting decimal values. The fact that there are 14 pounds in a stone is difficult to accurately plot on a graph. We are working on a solution but for the moment the only choices are either kilograms or pounds.

If you want to change the the units the you enter your weight and that it is displayed in then you can do so in you “my account” section.

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We’ve released a small update to the site this week that makes it easier to find and join public challenges.

What’s a public challenge? Well most challenges are between people you know and have invited but there are occasions when you might what to make a challenge open to all comers, such as if you are creating a challenge for a club with many members or perhaps your local gym or maybe you simply want to challenge the maximum number of people to see if you can beat them all!

Public challenges work in exactly the same way as every other challenge with a fixed end date but they are available to anyone to join through the new search facility. Visitors to the site will be able to search and immediately join any active public challenge. If you represent a club or other group this might be a great way to attract more people by including a description of your group in the challenge description people will know more about you. Try the search out now.

We have also made some minor changes to improve the look of the site for users on Internet Explorer and Firefox.  This means that we now support the following browsers:

– Internet Explorer 8+
– Firefox
– Chrome
– Safari

We have a raft of changes, both major and minor, planned for the rest of the year and if you have anything you would like to see on the site we are keen to hear from you. Just leave a message here http://support.thechubbychallenge.com/

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We have today released a new version of The Chubby Challenge including some great new features and lots of bug fixes.

Firstly a big thank you to all that have taken part in the beta testing of the site and have fed back much valuable information that has allowed us to make great improvements. Keep the feedback coming as this will allow us to make the site a great place to be.

So to the changes. The first and most obvious is a change to the graph that shows your weight over the last sixty days. It has been changed to be slightly more appealing to view, although the information that it displays is the same. By the way, did you know that if you hove over the points on the graph it will show you your weight on each day?

The next change is the ability to send updates on your progress to Facebook. You will see a new “Share on Facebook” button on the home page under the graph that allows you to post an update to your news feed. It doesn’t post your weight details you will be pleased to know although you can obviously include this if you wish.

We have also made it easier to invite people to a challenge. In addition to entering the email addresses of people you want to invite you can now also invite by Facebook or by sending someone an invite link. To send by Facebook, on the challenge page, click the “Invite by Facebook” button, enter the names of your Facebook friends you want to invite, type a message and click Send. This will be sent to them as a private message with a link allowing them to join your challenge.

The final way to invite people is to cut and paste the invite link shown on the challenge page and then use this as you wish. The invite link is a short web address such as http://chby.me/abc123 and can be emailed, posted on Facebook, sent as a tweet or even written on a letter! It is up to you!

The option to invite people by email address is still available from whenever you first create a challenge or when you update it from the “Manage this Challenge” page.

We hope that you find the above useful and make The Chubby Challenge even easier to use and if you have any comments or suggestions please raise them on our support site (http://support.thechubbychallenge.com) or send us an email.

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