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This week was supposed to be full week of running non-stop for 28 minutes but Laura had a bit of a wobbly today. In order to be encouraging Laura tells you when you are a certain number of minutes through the run – one of these is when there is a minute to go. Today I got my one minute warning and it felt too early and then, 30 seconds later, I got a one minute warning again! This was pretty off putting but not the end of the world.

The reason I realised that Laura was out in her timing was because I was tracking the run with RunKeeper and could see that the one minute warning was too soon.

While I can see that I am running for longer, that is the point of C25K after all, RunKeeper allows me to track my progress over the same route. So this allows me to see whether I am running faster (or slower) than previously and gives me a permanent record of my runs. As you can see from below it also gives you nice feedback on your performance.


While I have been on the C25K I have been working my iPhone pretty hard running three apps at the same time to: track the run, listen to the NHS “Laura” podcasts and listen to music in the background too.

I chose to listen to the NHS podcasts through their native app which was available for both iPhone and Android but a quick search shows that it is no longer available. This is a shame as apart from a few glitches it worked well and allowed you to listen to your own music at the same time. However, the podcasts themselves are still available and can be found here or if you fancy and alternative there is a set from the Guardian.

So just one more week to go and then it will be decision time.

Finally, here is this weeks apposite tune…




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