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It’s getting serious now and I need a way of ensuring that I can make it though the extended running periods, or “light jogs” as Laura likes to refer to them.

For me I need a distraction and that is music. When I first started I used specific workout music from a specialist company called Audiofuel who specialise in putting together tracks that you can use for your workouts. Problem was that these either had coaching instructions (which Laura was providing) or were paced for Usain Bolt. From week two I reverted back to listening to my own music.

However, I was still left with the same issue of trying to find music that matched my pace but I have no idea just how many beats per minute (bpm) was right for what I am doing so I abandoned that too and just used the music as a background distraction and not something to pace me.

Over the first few weeks of the podcast, when Laura wanted to say that the run was finished, the music volume lowered and she would tell me that I was “doing great’. However, I found that after a few weeks this became a bit of a Pavlovian response because as soon as the volume lowered I would slow down assuming Laura was going to tell me that it was all over. Not so. In later weeks the volume would lower and Laura would say, in that chirpy Northern lilt, “that’s half way” and my heart would sink. So now I have to retrain myself to not slow when the music quietens.

Sometimes though the music appears to be prophetic, like this time when I was flagging and happened to be listening to Mike & the Mechanic’s Living Years and they told me:

“And if you don’t give up, and don’t give in
You may just be O.K.”

Sound advice.


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