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So it is done. I have completed the nine weeks of couch to 5k. If I was expecting hearts and flowers from Laura I was to be disappointed. The last week of the NHS’ C25K podcasts were strangely impersonal with the last three runs being exactly the same. I don’t think it would have hurt to have recorded a different one for the very last run.

As I pointed out early in the journey it’s not really C25K at all by more C230M (couch to 30 mins) and if you make 5K will depend on how fast you run – the most I have achieved is 4.49006976 kilometres! However, I wasn’t doing it to hit the magical 5K. My goal was to improve my general level of fitness and to help me lose weight. The latter certainly has been achieved as I have lost 5lbs over the nine weeks.

So what now?

Well, some people apparently get a rush of endorphins when they complete their exercise and have a buzz for hours after. I don’t. I have always found exercise to be a chore and derive no pleasure from it whatsoever – it is a means to an end. I recognise that I need to do something and so I will persist until something less taxing but with the same benefits comes along. I might buy some new trainers though!

And an appropriate track for the last week – just not great running material.


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