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When I started couch to 5k I didn’t have much idea what I was letting myself in for and that was a very deliberate move on my part. I knew that detailed views of what was going to be required week by week were available but I stayed well clear of them for fear of frightening myself! However, when it went from a nice few short runs broken up by a gentle walk in between to one continuous run I thought Laura had gone mad. In fact I literally had to check that I had selected the correct podcast! (I had).

So at week seven those nice little breaks are just a warm past memory and it is all running now with no break. That’s fine and I was surprised at just how quickly I was able to adapt which shows how well c25k works. The last few weeks of the plan are about just extending out the running time to take you to 30 minutes continuous running.

Laura, being the little sneaky person that she is, is also trying to encourage me to run just a little bit faster too. It is clear that I am no Roger Bannister and I am a very long way from achieving his sub-four minute mile but it is interesting to see my times come down as I get more confident (more on that next week).

So here is this week’s apposite track.


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