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Laura says I am officially a runner now so I await delivery of my certificate in the post. I get back and my legs ache for pretty much the rest of the day. My wife helpfully tells me that “if your legs hurt it shows it’s doing some good”. Easy to say from her position of not having been out for a run!

Last week I talked about the importance of getting the clothing right, mainly in order to ensure that I don’t freeze. This week I wanted to touch on the importance of warming up.

The C25K programme includes a five minute warm-up and warm-down at the end of each session and it is difficult to underestimate just how important this stage is. When I last did any significant running I suffered from shin splints which if you haven’t had them you won’t know just how painful they can be. Warming-up can help ensure that issues such as shin splits are avoided, although in this case it is just one of a number of factors.

On one run back home today the following track was played by Midlake called Head Home, which was exactly what I was doing. I think my mp3 player is messing with my head.


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