February 4th, 2016 by () in Diet Log

So week three and the intensity is rising but it is ok because I have Laura with me as I do my run. No I haven’t found a running mate. Laura is the name of the person that narrates the podcasts I use from the NHS.

There are many podcasts available but I chose the one from the NHS because I figured that they would go out of their way to ensure I didn’t end up in hospital using their services which would be self defeating. With this comes “Laura” a Northern lass who guides and encourages you along the way.

Laura assures me that it is quite natural to feel knackered at this point and when she is running she does such and such. I have no way of validating this and strongly suspect that she was chosen for her comforting voice rather than running prowess.

I find some of Laura’s idioms a bit odd. She regularly tells me that “You’re doing really great” when I would have thought that it would be more natural to say “You are doing really WELL”. I can imagine a committee somewhere in NHS Towers where they argued long into the night over the precise wording that would motivate.

I haven’t checked but I also strongly suspect Laura of cheating. The time allocated for walking between the runs seems suspiciously short compared to the length of the run time and certainly not the length of time quoted.

On the whole though I am glad of the company.


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