November 17th, 2012 by () in Site Updates

A minor but important update this weekend with a change to the graph shown on your home page.

Previously, regardless of what units you had chosen to record your weight in, the graph was shown in kilograms. Now if you have chosen kilograms the graph will be shown in kilograms and if you have chosen stone and pounds or pounds then the graph will be shown in pounds.

So that raises the obvious question. Why can’t I see the graph in stone and pounds if that is what I selected as my unit choice? Well simply put it is difficult to do. Think back to your school maths lessons when you where drawing graphs you could only do so if you were plotting decimal values. The fact that there are 14 pounds in a stone is difficult to accurately plot on a graph. We are working on a solution but for the moment the only choices are either kilograms or pounds.

If you want to change the the units the you enter your weight and that it is displayed in then you can do so in you “my account” section.

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