January 4th, 2013 by () in Diet Log

The Christmas BlowoutI had a really good run up to Christmas getting my weight down under 14 stone (196 lbs for our American cousins). Of course the Christmas break put paid to that and I am back above the 14 stone mark again.

Christmas is an important time for food in the UK where we typically consume far too much turkey and all the trimmings, much like the US for Thanksgiving. But it is not just Turkey that is the culprit but also all the cakes, sweets and other specialities that are on offer. Add to this that I haven’t being working so the usual distractions have been absent.

Now that the break is over and I am back at work I am really struggling to get back into the right midset for dieting. Part of the problem is that I like good food and at Christmas there is so much of it available. Once Christmas is over I have to reset my mind (and stomach) to accept a “normal” amount of food and that is proving to be a challenge.

For me keeping an accurate log of what I eat and being busy are the keys to not over eating. What works for you?

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